If you’re interested in purchasing a home, you’ve probably heard the whispers of how much of a seller’s market it currently is. That means that prices of houses are jumping by exponential numbers and leaving would-be homeowners in the dust because they’re too expensive. In this circumstance, most people in Charleston can panic, but you think wisely and think of your other options. In fact, many homeowners now are asking “is buying or building a better track to home ownership. Custom modular homes are on a rise for a reason, and it’s not just because can customize your home without paying for a truly custom home.

You Can Afford Building a Prefab House

Turns out, building a home is now about as affordable as buying a new one. Operation costs were recently calculated to be $6900. This calculation was pulled from a study that estimated that new buyers would be buying a home in the $200,000 range. Within the study, they determined that the average buyer could generally afford to pay about 23 percent of that total cost and since building a home has low operational costs and mortgages at record lows, it would seem that you could make compromises and buy a house that’s not necessarily perfect, or you could build something that is entirely perfect for you like a prefab house for around the same price.

To Build a Modular House

If you’ve ever bought Ikea furniture, you know it’s better to make them assemble it for you. This is true of custom homes as well, but instead of buying a plot of land and then let a construction company meander through the building process, why not just build out the home in a warehouse and have it brought to you? It brings down production costs, makes the process more streamlined. It ensures that the foundation of your home does not get exposed to extreme weather or leave certain pieces at risk of theft and the home will be less likely to develop structural problems in the future.

The Customization

The prefab home has a certain stigma surrounding it that make people visualize something less than a true to form house. Kramer Custom Homes is capable of building your dream house at a much more reasonable rate than what you’d pay for it on the regular market. You can customize the color palette, the various types of flooring, and every other details — down to the fixtures on your sink and the door handles. The level of customization that you can get from a custom modular home creates a project that is centered around your personality and your dreams for the future which is what the process of buying a house should be all about anyway.

Contact Kramer Custom Homes

Building a home is something that is hermetically sealed to the ideal of the American dream. It’s something you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid and then again as you struggled in your crappy apartment that was a 45-minute commute from your job that helped you scrape by. It’s something you’ve built up in your head, so why shouldn’t it be as special as you believe it should be? Contact Kramer Custom Homes, and together we can forge your dream into a reality.