The greatest thing about customizing your home before it’s built is the absolute freedom of it. When you purchase your custom modular home, you’re going to be given options about the type of kitchen you want, the flooring, what color you want your banister to be, and everything else you can think of. Don’t get overwhelmed though, Kramer Custom Homes is here to help you narrow down your choices. We’ll highlight the best options for the room you’re working on, while we discuss style and other aspects. Together, we can create a beautiful custom modular home that we’re both proud of.

This time, we’ll start with the basics and the foundation of your design: flooring. Flooring can obviously differ from room to room, but it’s generally a good idea to pick one or two types to have around the house to establish a sense of unity. Lately, the trend has been to lean in a greener and totally more economic direction than before. But, if you’re still interested in marble flooring, that’s obviously doable since this is your house. This means you’ll be looking at things like vinyl and carpeting if you’re looking to keep with this trend which is generally kind of boring. We can’t blame you for wanting with a little more pizazz in your brand new custom modular home. That’s where the other portion of this trend comes in, rather than completely economic, look to completely green.  

Green Options

Since commercial buildings have been demanding more options for green flooring that is in compliance with LEED standards, they’ve effectively made the residential flooring options much broader and made them much cheaper.


Do you love the feel of cork board? Well, get excited, because now it’s been made into flooring. It’s nontoxic and harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. The material is completely sustainable because the bark grows back at a reliable rate. It’s not something you can put push-pins in because it’s actually a type of linoleum, but it still looks as cool as you’d expect.


If you’re picturing your custom modular home as being outfitted with plush, cushy carpet to keep your feet warm on winter nights, look to Mohawk Industries green carpet. Lately, they’ve started making carpets with corn sugar fibers instead of nylon. They feature a couple lines of carpeting that boast 100-percent, post-consumer food containers make up their carpets.


If you’re hoping for that chic wood flooring that you’ve always dreamed of, then we have a couple unique recommendations for you. The Forest Stewardship Council is certifying certain types of wood flooring that are harvested under strict standards of sustainability for the trees. If you’re looking for something quirkier, there’s fully reclaimed-wood flooring available for purchase. The best part? It’s made from real used wine barrels. They add a completely unparalleled style to your home.


A really unique aspect of green flooring is the presence of attributes like antibacterial and antimicrobial options. The previously mentioned cork flooring has these properties and is currently the industry standard. But, the tiles from StonePeak Ceramics are the rising stars in this regard. They claim that a chemical on the tiles surface activates when the sun hits the tile. This chemical oxidizes germs and assists decompose pollutants.  

If you’re still not convinced by these green flooring options, be sure to return next time and we’ll talk about the other options you have. If you haven’t even decided on purchasing a custom modular home yet, then check out this article. Kramer Custom Homes is excited to build your dream home in Charleston and make it everything you’ve always hoped for. Contact us today and we’ll get started on building you a custom modular home that will make your friends drool.