Outfitting your home with all of the design aspects you’ve ever wanted is going to be the utmost fun. Kramer Custom Homes is here to help you pick through the myriad products to find the one that you’ve been envisioning, even if you aren’t sure what that is yet. Last time, we talked about the up-and-coming green flooring trends that may appeal to you. After all, custom modular homes are the greenest form of home building, so keeping with theme wouldn’t seem too far off of home base. If you’re feeling something a touch more traditional, though, we’ve got you covered.

The main flooring product you’ll probably be looking to utilize is hardwood flooring, laminate, vinyl, tile, linoleum, cork, bamboo, concrete, and carpet. Choosing one of those can be quite the task, but don’t fret, we’ve compiled a guide to help you navigate these choices. The most important thing to remember is that you know your style, that’s how you’re going to avoid over-analysis paralysis. Before going floor shopping, browse online and look at models of that flooring in use. Look for colors and patterns you like and consider if your furniture will enhance the beauty of this type of flooring or hinder it. The second piece you should ponder is how this flooring will fit your lifestyle. Think of whether you want tile in a sitting room where you’re trying to make it feel warm and inviting. Are you considering carpet for the area by the back door where your dogs enjoy tracking mud in? Think twice about the versatility of the room and the occupants of your custom modular home before you settle on a type of flooring. The less fun part of putting these pieces together is keeping your budget in mind. Just be aware of your price point and how the pieces all come together when deciding on this component of your new custom modular home.


The nice thing about hardwood is the variety in it. You can choose a blonde wood that will lighten a room and make it seem much larger while adding a classic, wholesome sense of charm or you can install rich, dark wood, with hints of reds to bring warmth and richness into the decor of the house. Your floor will easily last the life of the house, and custom modular homes are still around from the 1950s, so the amount of charm that your floor will accrue through the span of your ownership is unmeasurable. When choosing a texture, be sure to use the rules from above to guide your decision. Will a rougher look complement the rest of the decor you’re choosing? Luckily, since hardwood is neutral, it’s generally hard to mismatch it, but be cautious nonetheless.

We chose to start with hardwood because it’s the most solid choice for flooring. It lasts forever, is classic, hypoallergenic and will add to your home’s value without a doubt. We highly recommend this option.


Don’t jump to conclusions. We know it brings forth pictures of cheap school cafeteria flooring, but laminate is not the worst thing, we promise. It can give the appearance of hardwood, tile, or stone successfully and gives you access to these chic looks at a significantly lower price. It resists stains better than the flooring it’s imitating, is fade and moisture proof, and installs super quickly. As you live with it, you’ll have to use a mild cleaner to wipe it down or else it can damage the flooring. It’s extremely pet and kid-friendly because of its high durability. It won’t harbor mold, mildew or allergens. But, it makes a hollow sound when your heels click across it which turns off a lot of buyers. It also won’t develop that beloved character that stone and wood gain as time goes by. If you’re looking to put more of your budget into things like your kitchen fixtures or the kind of flooring you’d like in the rest of the house, this is a great way to maintain a finished look while cutting down on costs.

Ponder these options and check out some visuals before deciding you like or dislike these options. And be sure to come back for our next article covering more flooring options for your custom modular home. In fact, you can look out for our advice column style articles covering more home design every couple of weeks. Kramer Custom Homes is excited to design and create your dream home with you. If you’re not convinced that modular homes are the way to go, check out our article here to help you make up your mind. After all, having control over every aspect of your house is the sure-fire way to finally own the home you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us if you’re ready to start building a home, instead of just buying a house.