If you’re pondering building a boutique house with custom home builders, consider modular homes as a less expensive alternative with the same amount of freedom as a custom house. With all of the choices required when considering a boutique or a custom modular home, flooring is one of the more complicated. There are quite a few different types of flooring now, ranging from vinyl to hardwood, to laminate, and so much more. Weighing out how to choose one of these for each room can be daunting, but hopefully not with the help of Kramer Custom Home’s blog.

Choosing Tile For Your Charleston Custom Home

There are several kinds of tiles that can easily make your new modern modular home look clean and concise in its design. To achieve this kind of look, you’ll have to determine what kind of tile you intend to use before venturing further into the design elements you intend to play up.

Quarry Tile

This style offers a traditional grounding feeling to any room while still providing a simplistic beauty. Originally, these tiles really did come from quarries, now factories use extrusion methods to make clay tiles that are almost as hard as real stone. These tiles will have a rough surface that is great for entryways and hallways because they have good traction.

Ceramic And Porcelain Tile

This is generally the option people choose for their kitchens and bathrooms, or if they’re looking to cover the majority of their flooring with tile. Ceramic is the low-cost version, crafted from clay, shale, gypsum, and sand which is worked into bique and fired in a kiln. Ceramic is porous and will include a glaze over the top and then can be formed into a variety of different colors rendering it a very versatile solution to your flooring plans. The brother, porcelain, is a variety of ceramic tiling that will be certified as true to form porcelain and is different because of its high water absorption

Ceramic tile is a great option for living rooms as well as kitchens. It’s easy to maintain, rendering those messes from parties a non-issue, and it can handle high-traffic better than some natural stone. Since the art of mimicry is becoming more honed among manufacturers, ceramic is more and more believable as stone flooring. Real stone is more expensive to install and purchase and needs a higher level of maintenance, requiring occasional re-sealing and is easily stained.

A Greener Application

If you’re concerned about the environmentally conscious aspect of ceramic, rest easy knowing that ceramic is made of clay, one of the more renewable resources we have access to. They are produced by humans and can be purchased as handmade tiles if you’re interested in fueling the man-powered economy for workers.

Start Building Your Custom Modular Home

If you’re interested in building a modern modular home, you’re in the right place. Kramer Custom Homes is excited to build unique homes in Charleston to help people rise above the rabble and easily differentiate themselves. If you’re interested in being unique, represent yourself with a custom home and let us build your dream home faster than ever before. Browse our gallery of successful products and feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Start building your dreams, build with us now.