Modern modular homes are all the same as a stick-built house, or rather, a traditionally built home, but instead of getting the presets that could be undesirable, you have a hand in the creation of your home. All of the details you want a hand in, you can have a say. To some, this may be overwhelming, as everyone can get hit with over-analysis paralysis. But fret not, we’re here to give you the skinny on the different kinds of floorings you can utilize in your home. You’ll never have buyers remorse when working with Kramer Custom Homes.


Our topic of the day consists of vinyl in all of its practical beauty. It’s a versatile flooring, defined as a range of synthetically manufactured flooring materials. It contains varying levels of PVC or polyvinyl chloride.

Is It the Right Flooring For Your Modular Home?

You’ll find vinyl appear in a couple of different styles or residential vinyl that are popular currently. There will be printed vinyl tiles and solid vinyl tiles. Solid vinyl tiles are manufactured by molding vinyl materials into a certain shape and size. For example, if you wanted slate tile, but didn’t want to pay for the natural stone or deal with the chill it causes in the house, then you’d opt for this kind of vinyl instead. Solid vinyl is known for it’s more natural look which is achieved by the surface of each tile looking different than its brother. It’s also done by ensuring that the color is completely homogenous throughout the tile, or rather, penetrates through the whole tile, not just certain layers.

Printed vinyl tile is crafted in layers, with a padded backing, a printed layer on the top and then a couple of clear wear and tear layers over the top that protects it from the damage it might otherwise suffer. You can print any picture onto these tiles, high-end versions of these tiles can easily imitate the look of natural flooring like marble, hardwoods, and stone tiles. Some are even printed with mosaics and grass as well as other unique textures. The wear layer that they are manufactured with makes this kind of tile exceptionally easy to wash and keep clean. You won’t need to strip or polish these tiles, but that wear layer will diminish over time, which renders these a less permanent flooring solution than others.

How to Shop Vinyl

You’ll want to look at the wear level first. There are two types of wear levels, one is a polyvinyl chloride and is essentially clear vinyl that protects the printed layer beneath. This kind of wear level will provide some protection, but it rings in at a “low to moderate” rating. The urethane wear layer, however, is much stronger and creates a surface over the vinyl that also creates a strong seal. These will come in 3 grades: grade 1, the thickest, grade 2, a thinner layer but more common in residential tiles, and grade 3 that is much more common from designer tiles and is suitable only in residential applications, versus commercial.

If you’re not sold on vinyl, be sure to return to our blog to find more information on the different flooring types you can outfit your custom modular homes with. Differentiate your Charleston home with ease by building modern modular homes with Kramer Custom Homes. We’re happy to craft something entirely personal and authentic for you, our happy customers. Contact us if you have questions, and please feel free to browse our gallery of finished products.