The colors of your custom modular home should reflect the custom nature of your house. They should tell the story of your personality and your family while coming together to create a beautiful exterior model of what you want your home to symbolize. You can see color symbolism in everyday things like the U.S. flag. The white stripes stand for the purity and innocence of a brand new nation. Those dark, eye-popping reds stand for the hardiness and valor that built the country and the beautiful, shocking blues stand for the perseverance and justice that the entire nation of people had in their hearts during the Revolutionary War. The flag of the United States of America is a picture of our past and our future, and the color symbolism on the exterior of your house should be no different.

Making a Modular House Custom With Color Symbolism

Generally, color symbolism is broken down into oversimplified terms, like yellow means joy, but it’s much deeper than that. Think of the light at the end of the dock in “The Great Gatsby;” it’s meant to mean youth and jealousy, certainly, but it’s also meant to mean reverie as well as a sense of innocent yet powerful longing. Color symbolism is supposed to be impressive, personal, and insightful in a layered fashion. While two writers who are natural cynics might prefer a house with lots of cool colors like a steely gray and black trim, they might add a touch of flair with a coral-colored door. This is not to offset the darkness of the house, so much as to hint at the inner warmth of seemingly gruff, impersonal personalities. A pair of staunch traditionalists might prefer bold reds for the body of the house but might use a gentle cream for the trim to harken back to simpler times and warm, Mediterranean origins. The possibilities go on, but it’s much like designing a classic novel’s book cover, how would you define the simplistic pieces of the book and then hint at the deeper themes.

How to Apply Style With Symbolism To Achieve The Perfect Look

When attempting to apply this principle to something timeless, but still in vogue, it can get a touch trickier. With easy manipulation of the color wheel, understanding contrasts, and other color principles, you’ll be able to apply the style and symbolic feelings you desire. It’s currently very in vogue to highlight the architectural prowess of your future prefab cottage with high-contrast trim and body color. Additionally, dark, impressive trim, while being timelessly Victorian, is very stylish. Choose the two colors based off of the simplistic values your family shares. If you’re all fans of literature and higher learning, you might look to a dark blueish-grey tone for the trim. The grey and natural coloring in the trim will calm down the blue so you can control the coloring of the body of the home with better ease. For example, you could select a color from a brown or creamier palette to hint at the endurance and simplicity of your relationships. The right, warm-toned beige could be a nod to your Spanish roots, or a pristine white might be a hint at your English heritage.

Incorporating Your Style With The Surroundings

Since the exterior is supposed to be reflective of your interior selves, it should also reflect the interior of the house. While you won’t have to commit to the same color scheme inside, it can help to have similar color symbols. Green, white, and lavender can all be interpreted to mean youth, so finding similar meanings with your interior decor does quite a bit to bring the entire home together. While you should not feel, by any means, a pressure to imitate or create fluidity with your neighbor’s style, some similar attributes can help to make a certain matching quality in the homes on your street to look more attractive individually and as a whole. If they have an eggplant door, your creamy colored house with the dark, cold-hued trims won’t clash, but too much warmth in powerful gem tones might. Your trim shouldn’t be yellow (for quite a few reasons) if their house is orange; otherwise, you’ll likely ruin everyone’s aesthetic on the street.

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