In our previous blog, we discussed the finer points of how the cover of a book is much like the paint you apply to the outside of your new custom modular home. While the outside of the home should be pretty all-encompassing, you can get closer to the themes and pieces of the personality you want to tap into on a room-by-room basis. Depending on the themes you’ve created on the exterior you can use those as a basis for your general color schemes and more specific color schemes on the interior of your prefab cottage. Tapping into your natural charm with a great exterior color palette as a template will make the entire process much easier because you can build off of those same ideas and make them better while creating fluidity.

Custom Home Builders Can Help Promote Overarching Themes

Once our team at Kramer Custom Homes has a basic idea of your color symbolism on the front of the house we can, to a point, advise how to proceed on a room to room basis. Navigating general common areas is best done with neutrals, but the fun color scheme on the exterior can come into play with lighting fixtures, painted cabinets and smaller rooms more easily than they can with a hallway.


If you chose dark-themed colors on the outside of the modular house with warmer accent colors, you can capitalize on the themes of the accent colors in smaller rooms like bedrooms. For instance, if your daughter is rather taken by mermaids, you might influence her to take a hint from the darker-cold hued parts of the exterior with a light mint-hued turquoise colored accent wall with creamy colored walls. For your own bedroom, you might take a hint from your peach colored door and choose a warm, light pink that leans toward the rose-gold spectrum to nod at a romantic, nearly Elizabethan style that hints at you and your partner’s aptitude for classic novels and English background.

Gathering Areas

The gathering areas include the kitchen, living room, game room and even hallways. They do not, however, include libraries, offices or other rooms that have a feeling of quiet privacy as those are a different kind of personal and seem, naturally, more introverted. Rooms like this should reflect your initial color scheme on the outside of your house. Not an exact color representation, although that is a possibility (we merely suggest a light variation of the hues you chose for the exterior) merely you should find the similar symbolism in the colors and use it on the inside. If you take a home with a vibrant colored coral accent door, you might use a lively olive green mixed with cream tones mostly to imitate that same nod to the vivacious character and good humor but in a more subtle and suitable way for the indoors. Inversely, if the main color of the home exterior is a rustic red as a nod at authoritarian character and extreme sincerity, you might use a purple hued neutral tone, like taupe or something slightly darker as an accent for the kitchen or an entire accent wall to hint at that same noble spirit that governs the occupant’s personality. The key is to find colors that feel similar to you when you rest your eyes on them. As a general rule, keep the colors subdued and merely hints of your larger theme unless they’re a powerful accent wall. If you do choose to go with the accent route, it’s recommended that you use mild neutral tones to set it off to ensure that it’s not overwhelming in the room.

Establishing Auxiliary Rooms

Usually, auxiliary rooms like libraries and bathrooms are extensions of whatever they’re attached to. You can usually use exciting patterns without making the room overwhelming. As long as the color is a mere hint of the overarching themes of the larger room in its vicinity, you won’t go wrong. When in doubt, go with the theme of the room, warm colors like reds and rose-golds look good in offices, even purple tones do because of the underlying themes of power and ambition. Greens look pretty in bathrooms alongside gold and brown tones due to their natural basis which is relaxing and calming.

Build Your Prefab Cottage With Kramer Custom Homes

When you build your new modular home with Kramer Custom Homes’ builders, you’re investing in something truly personal. Your home doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. Our floor plans and previous work make excellent templates to build off of and create something that’s entirely your own. Start your journey with us today.