Modular homes mean custom homes nowadays. While custom homes are usually exciting projects to embark upon, they can quickly become overwhelming. You’ll need to choose things like flooring, kitchen and bathroom details, as well as so much more. Rest easy knowing that your Charleston custom home builders won’t throw you in the deep end. We’re glad to guide you through all of the choices you can make for your custom home. In our last blog, we began discussing what kind of kitchen you might like to have in your new custom modular home, mainly in regard to the kitchen island. This blog will continue to discuss the types of island counters that could potentially fit your style best.

Modern Modular Home Option 2: Non-Portable, Small Kitchen Island

If you’re still interested in avoiding making the island into the centerpiece of the kitchen, it might be a wise decision to try this type of island. Without the wheels of its brother listed above, it does not have the tendency to roll away on you unexpectedly. These are great for emulating real kitchen islands without taking up quite as much space. They often come at a standard height of 38” making them the perfect height to prepare food on with ease. The best part? You can completely avoid messing with home electrical code requirements by not fixing this kind of island to the ground. They’re a great option for folks trying to fill their entire kitchen with counter spaces, the only downside is that they often come rather small. Since they’re often packed and shipped to you, they need to be at least somewhat compact. They won’t be more than four feet long, but sometimes that’s all you need.

Modern Modular Home Option 3: Table Island

If you’re interested in a much more affordable alternative, you might consider a table island. It will look much more like a table than an actual island, but they usually come with storage space underneath the table itself. These come at food preparation height and are generally placed where one would put an island.

Modern Modular Home Option 4: Base Cabinet and Countertop

Using leftover materials, it’s very easy to craft one of these islands. You could use your own base cabinets and the same material from the countertops within your kitchen to fashion a small island. This type of island will be fixed to the floor and is considered permanent, thus electrical receptacles will be required.

Modern Modular Home Option 5: Fully Functional Island

This will have the same amenities as all of the rest of your countertops. You’ll have drainage, electrical, and quite a bit of counter space to do with as you’d like, whether that’s preparing food, or using it as a place to seat other guests. The best part about this type of kitchen island is it’s an entire extra portion of your kitchen, rather than an auxiliary island. You can install a sink and leave more of your other counter space open for large spread preparation.

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