Designing the kitchen for your new custom modular home is probably one of the most entertaining processes you can undergo. The kitchen in homes nowadays, and especially in Charleston, is very much like the hearth of the home. It’s where people gather to converse and make merry, as well as dine and bond together. While decorating your kitchen is a whole other undertaking, ensuring that your kitchen has a great base that is both versatile and stunning can be accomplished at the building stage. Thus, Kramer Construction decided to include some pointers on how to create a kitchen that will give you a great basis that you can easily expand on.

A Modern Modular Home Can Be Both Rustic & Chic

All of South Carolina is known for our laid-back, country aesthetic, but that is not an overarching style. Country or rustic styling does not necessarily mean you have to include wood roosters for wall decorations, it can be much more subtle than that. The rustic, or country style is defined by simple clean styles with clean cut shapes and the warmth of the southern style. Oftentimes, you’ll see various shades of white, creams and oatmeal colors, that help to mellow out an area very effectively. When combined, all of these aspects can create a beautiful, yet simplistic kitchen that can be altered in small ways throughout the years to change the space entirely.


You do not have to choose one kind of flooring for your entire modular home. In fact, it will probably be better to switch up the flooring choices from room to room with a sort of calibrated fluidity. For example, it isn’t advised to go from shag carpet to mosaic tile, but something along the same color palette would be far more gentle. As far as the kitchen goes, an easy way to pursue the versatility and simplistic beauty of the country or rustic style is by using rough wood flooring in a lighter shade. While hardwood flooring is incredibly durable, if you’re placing it in an area where you’ll see quite a few spills, you might consider laminate or vinyl flooring instead. If you use planks of the right thickness, it’ll sound and feel like hardwood beneath your feet and won’t need to be sanded or refinished periodically. If you’re interested in keeping the rustic look chic, choose a flooring with wider planks, as it creates a timeless look easily.


The cabinetry is an important feature to consider when you’re constructing your modern modular home. The best choice to keep the style versatile and charming, in our opinion, are white cabinets. This leaves the artistry of the woodworking on the cabinetry to shine through, rather than the coloring of the rich wood. If you ever feel like painting them a different color or artfully tarnishing them, the white paint will prove the most cooperative. This mild coloring option also leaves quite a bit of room for different decoration options that provide the versatility that will make it truly timeless.

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