The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the house. It’s where you entertain and draw guests into to feed them and make merry. One of the things that most of our designs offer is the option for a kitchen island. A kitchen island is an awesome modern solution to entertaining people in the kitchen. With a couple bar stools, your island can turn into the perfect area for hosting a buffet, sitting and talking till all hours of the night and so much more. Many modern kitchens feature an island because of the benefit of extra cabin space. While purchasing a kitchen island and installation might seem like a breeze, there’s actually a fair amount of work that goes into the process. The work that will fall on your shoulders is choosing what kind of island will best suit your kitchen and there are quite a few types and choices. Don’t get overwhelmed though, we’re here to help guide you to get the most out of your custom modular home.

There are some kitchen islands that you don’t even have to install into the center of the kitchen. Those tend to be on the less expensive side, and if you intend to go that route, you won’t need our help with the installation. If you’re more interested in a kitchen island in your custom modular home that features a sink, multi-tiered storage and plenty of counter space, you’ll have to mention your intentions to us. The piece that makes the more expensive and more accessible features is the electricity required. Obviously, portable options do not require an electrical wiring, while stationary options do.

Modern Modular Home Option 1: Rolling Kitchen Island

While it’s not the most impressive specimen, it does serve a similar purpose to the traditional island option. Rolling islands are much closer to a portable preparation surface that you could move around the kitchen while cooking, and push to the side when you’re entertaining. The design of this particular piece, while important from a cohesive style standpoint, is much less important because it is not a piece of the kitchen that holds a sense of permanence. Most folks who pursue this type of island often turn toward the portable butcher block style. If you’re only looking for more counter space without having a more enclosed kitchen this is the perfect option. It should be noted, however, that these are known for having their wheels unblocked at inconvenient times.

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