Modular homes are the custom home you can brag about without having to go through the massive inconvenience of building a custom home. We’ve all heard stories about those folks who choose custom over prefab homes, or traditional real estate. But, those talking about that trendy form of home building tend to skip over the sort of roadblocks you encounter. Like a family spending months or even years in a trailer or hotel while they wait for this “fantasy” home to be built. The question is, how long can you shower in a motel bathroom before it affects your job performance?


Many claim that building a custom home isn’t “necessarily” more expensive than a traditional or modern prefab home. The subtext being what you’re about to spend depends on many factors, it’d be very hard to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending. You’ll have to find a reasonably priced architect and builder, which we’ll discuss shortly, but you’ll have to curtail your wants and desires for this fantasy home left and right for the sake of keeping your budget under control, which renders a custom home less than it could be.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a custom home is considered pretty risky to most lenders. You’ll have to have fantastic credit with a downpayment of 20% to 25% to qualify for the construction loan alone, which doesn’t include the loan for the land.

However, modular houses finance for the same amount as site-built homes, or traditional real estate. They’re also generally 15% cheaper than traditionally built homes, and can be much cheaper if you are building your home in a hard-to-reach area.

Architects and Builders:

Hopefully, if you’re setting out to build a custom home, you have an idea of what you want it to look like. Now, you’ll have to search and find a local architect who designs in the style you’re partial to. You should be careful to visit the work they’ve already done, to ensure its quality. Use references and reviews as well before choosing the builder or designer. Some areas offer designer and builders at a one stop shop, which will make this task easier than finding two separate professionals whom you’ll have to convince to work together.

Prefab homes are already designed and their construction time is faster than even a traditionally built suburban home. Rendering it that fastest way to achieve your dream of living in your newly owned home.

The Ticking Clock:

Chances are, if you’ve created enough stable financial resources to buy a home of any kind, you want to reap those benefits as soon as possible. With a custom home, you’ll have to design everything, buy the land, pick your materials, and then wait even longer for the home to be built. You’ll have to avoid cost overruns and handle any schedule changes the builder has to throw at you. A modern prefab home can go up in a very short amount of time and give you the feeling of instant gratification. Additionally,you’ll have had a hand and say in the details of your home so you’re very unlikely to experience buyers remorse from something you helped a custom homes company create.

Advantages of Modular Houses:

Aside from the points of attraction already listed, modular homes are still real property, or a permanent structure. In fact, it’s so permanent they’re generally built to withstand up to 175 mph winds. They’re considered a green form of building, can have basements and crawl spaces, and can even be built for commercial purposes.

It’s more than just convenience, it’s the smarter choice for your modern home. Contact Kramer Custom Homes right here in Charleston and find the modular house of your dreams.