Whether you are buying for the first time or your current house just isn’t the right size for your family any longer, a new home should be an exciting adventure—even more so if you are finally ready to build your dream home. For so many of us, the idea of designing the perfect home to suit your family’s needs is a distant dream, rather than an impending reality. However, with recent advancements in modular homes for sale, building your dream home could easily become a reality sooner than you might expect! As modular home builders, one of the questions we hear most frequently here at Kramer Custom Homes is whether a modular home is as good as a traditionally built home. The simple answer is that, often, a modular home is even better than a traditional stick-built home. Here’s why:

Building Process Differences

One of the things that makes the modular home stand out above a traditionally built home is the building process. Rather than going through the entire building process on-site, which takes months, a modular home can be built much more quickly. Once you have selected your modular home plan or worked with a builder to create a customized home plan, a modular home can be built in a matter of weeks. Where a traditional build can be slowed down by the weather, a modular home doesn’t face that same problem. The majority of a modular home is built in segments inside a temperature-controlled facility—which not only means the build crew won’t be slowed down by weather, it also means that everything has a chance to cure properly. This means modular homes are generally stronger and more durable than traditional builds. Then, once all the segments are ready, they are installed on the foundation much more quickly than it would take to build everything on site. The end result is visibly no different from a traditionally built home, and often, modular homes end up being more durable than a comparable stick-built home.

Eco-Friendly Changes

Another key difference between a modular home and a stick-built is that the modular home building process is inherently more environmentally friendly. Because nearly all of the construction process happens inside a controlled facility, there is less waste overall and less of an issue with construction material theft or damage. Then, because the components are all built off-site and only assembled on site, there is generally less of an effect to the surrounding environment. Fewer machines and a faster build process help make modular home building a more eco-friendly process. In the end, a modular house is a lasting, permanent structure like any stick-built house, but there was less waste generated.

Easier Customization

Generally, building a fully custom home is a lengthy and expensive endeavor because of the design and approval process that has to be completed before the foundation is even laid. Conversely, many modular home builders have in-house engineering available so they can modify or adjust existing plans and give you a custom modular home without the same level of time or expense. Or, if you want to go fully custom, the modular house building process is much faster, which can help mitigate the time it takes for any necessary design approvals.

Ultimately, a modular house is built more quickly, done so with less waste and environmental impact, and can be customized more easily. In the end, you will end up with a permanent structure made from durable materials and, because everything can cure in a controlled environment, it will likely be more durable than a traditionally built counterpart. Not bad, right? To learn more about modular homes for sale in the Mount Pleasant area, contact Kramer Custom Homes today!