House hunting is more than just about the house. You’re not only looking to find just the right house, but you also have to factor in the neighborhood, the nearby amenities, and even which schools you want to be near for the kids. If you’ve been house hunting for a while and not finding anything you like in the right area, it’s a pretty understandable to think that building a home is going to be the only way to check every item on your wishlist. Of course, building a home can often come with the same restrictions as an already-built home, depending on the housing development you choose and the builders they work with. And going custom generally comes with a pretty hefty price tag. So, is it really as impossible as it seems to get the right home in the right area without paying an arm and a leg?


Choose Prefab

With prefab or modular homes, it’s possible to get the house you want built on your land, and often can be done without the high price that comes with a custom job. Prefab houses, short for prefabricated, are homes that are built in segments in a temperature controlled building then assembled on-site. Building a home this way is just as sturdy as a traditionally built home, if not more so, and can generally be customized more easily. But that’s not all a prefab house offers. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of a prefab house:


They Go Up Quickly

Because of the way prefab houses are built, it can be built and ready to go in half the time a traditional build takes. A majority of the house is built segment by segment inside a warehouse-like building, which means the builders won’t need to stop for days at a time to accommodate the weather. Then, once all the pieces are ready to go, the actual assembly of the home only takes a few days. So, if time is of the essence, you don’t need to be restricted to an existing home; a modular home can be another option.


They’re Very Sturdy

In fact, a modular house may be even more sturdy than a comparable traditionally built home. Because there aren’t weather related issues to contend with while building, a prefab may actually be able to withstand more force than a traditional stick-built house. According to F.E.M.A. reports after Category 5 Hurricane Andrew, they noted less structural damage to prefab homes than they saw in traditional homes. So don’t let the fear of hurricanes hitting your Mount Pleasant home dissuade you from going modular; it might actually be better for you in the event of gale-force winds.

They Can Be Customized Easily

Building a custom home can easily grow to be costly, whether you want a 1,000 square foot cottage or a sprawling 4,000 square foot layout. Going prefab can often ease the cost of customization because most modular home builders have a C.A.D. program and engineer in-house. This means you can more easily modify an existing modular home floor plan and enjoy a greater breadth of options than you’d get when trying to modify a stick-build home. This also means that any natural features of your land can be taken into account when the home is being designed.


On top of all that, prefab houses are more efficient and environmentally friendly to build, which means you’ll be helping the plant with your build. So, with all of that going for them, why not look into a modular home for your next domicile? Contact Kramer Custom Homes to learn more about our Mt. Pleasant prefab home options!