Modular homes—the new way to build

We believe in crafting a home that fits your personal preferences, your budget, and your needs, which is why we take the time to work with each client to customize their modular home floor plan and create a semi-custom or custom home. All of our modular homes are made of the highest quality materials and designed with you in mind. What you like, we make happen. But that’s not the only reason you’ll want to consider Kramer Custom Homes. In an era where smart saving is on the rise, modular homes offer many homeowners a variety of benefits you may not have realized.

Besides being completely customized to your needs and preferences, buying a modular home from Kramer Custom Homes is a faster, greener, and more innovative way to get the home of your dreams in comparison to other options. As a company that has evolved with the times, we not only offer clients a practical way to build a home but a logical way to make their dreams come true. Because they are build in segments and assembled on site, modular homes offer homeowners a more conservative way to live, reducing monthly bills and offering a healthier solution to daily living. While you may be able to customize any new build, building a modular home with Kramer Custom Homes means that you will get a more efficient, and higher quality home, in less amount of time.

Meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations, we believe in providing you with exactly what you need. With a virtually limitless selection of modular home floor plans to choose from, you can have your dream home—and we want to be the professionals you trust to build it.

STEP 1: Finding Land

Finding land or teardown property is the first step in building your home. Contact us to help you get started. We can help you find the perfect location to build your dream home and give you an idea about what to avoid.

STEP 2: Selections and Blueprints

Once you have land, your next step is getting a Conceptual Study. This helps determine project scope and price. Based on blueprints and your selections, we can work with you to develop a design that will fit your family’s needs. We can alter one of our floor plans or we can work off a blueprint you may already have. Contact us if you would like to discuss a fully custom modular home option.

STEP 3: Permitting and Manufacturing

The majority of your home is “built to order,” room by room, in a state of the art facility off site. We help walk you through the entire permitting process and help navigate the state and local construction requirements. This helps ensure the absolute best quality home and hassle-free permitting. This also helps reduce the total building time frame since our knowledgeable staff and crew work closely with the manufacturer to ensure top efficiency.

STEP 4: Final Build

We build your dream home off-site in an indoor facility in 4-6 weeks.Then we move the components to your property where they are installed on site, similarly to any traditional home being built, but more quickly since the rooms are already built. This method of building ensures that your home is built in a worry-free environment. There is no downtime due to weather, and your home will not warp or be exposed to the elements until it is ready. Kramer Custom Homes is a preferred builder in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston area, and we work closely with many different manufacturers in the area to ensure the optimum outcome for our clients. Our modular home building process is quick, simple, and highly effective. Our modular homes can be semi-customized based on your specifications.

The modular home process with Kramer Custom Homes ensures that your project is completed on your terms, finished quickly, and built to last. We choose to build homes this way because we can deliver the quality and experience that you deserve.

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