Perfection is our promise and we always deliver.

Are you looking for a beautiful custom home without the custom build price tag and lengthy build process? Look no further than Kramer Custom Homes for semi-custom and custom modular house building. Customizing your home to suit your lifestyle and needs, we believe in building the best modular homes to help make your custom home dreams come true.

High-quality, innovative, personalized, and affordable. What more could you ask for when it comes to building your dream home? In order to eliminate the stress and complications that are often associated with custom new home builds, we put your needs first, giving homeowners an innovative and effective way to make their dreams come true.

Maintaining a high standard of quality, each modular house build reflects our values and dedication to ensuring that your needs are met. Committed to exceeding expectations and building homes that are designed to last, our team at Kramer Custom Homes ensures that your project receives the attention to detail and expert touch that truly creates something sophisticated and beautiful. By working individually with each of our clients, our goal is to understand what you are looking for and to make it happen. Meeting with you one-on-one, we will ask you how you want your home to look than take the plan directly to your manufacturer where it can be built in a safe and controlled environment. Once your modular home’s rooms are built, we will deliver everything to the site and complete the rest of the build process, resulting in a custom home you’ll never be able to tell wasn’t built on site.

If you think that buying a modular home is right for you, take a look at our most popular floor plans and let us know what you like. Keep in mind, all of our modular home floor plans can be customized to your specific style, turning any modular house plan into your ideal home. For more information, or to schedule your consultation, get in touch with one of our team members today.


Working with our clients in designing their dream home, we believe in crafting a home that fits your personal preferences, your budget, and your needs. All of our modular homes are built with the highest quality materials and, because they are mostly built indoors, are less likely to have structural issues. What you like, we make happen. But that’s not the only reason you’ll want to consider Kramer Custom Homes. In an era where smart building is on the rise, modular homes offer many homeowners a variety of benefits you may not have realized.

Besides being completely customized to your needs and preferences, building a modular home with Kramer Custom Homes is a faster, greener, and more innovative way to buy in comparison to other options. As a company that has evolved with the times, we not only offer clients a practical way to build a home, but a logical way to make their dreams come true. While you may be able to customize any new build, building with Kramer Custom Homes means that you will get a more efficient, and higher quality home, in a shorter amount of time.

Meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations, we believe in providing you with exactly what you need with each modular home build. With a virtually limitless selection of modular home floor plans to choose from, you can have your dream home—and we want to be the professionals whom you trust to build it. Contact the Kramer Custom Home team today to get started!